About the exhibition.

Peri Helio’s work is marked by a respect for nature, geometry, a passion for astronomy and a profound critique of the human condition, aspects that are evident throughout his artistic career.

In Metamitologies, Peri transports us to allegorical worlds enveloped in dreamlike atmospheres in which the loss of humanity of the human being is revealed through a series of metaphors and symbolic elements with which he calls for society to become aware of the progressive deterioration of itself and its natural environment.

Thus, allusions to the human condition and the abandonment of those who were once its “gods” (nature, knowledge, the stars, etc.) combine to show us a hypothetical future in which the forgotten “gods”, symbolic creators of humanity, return to verify the use we have made of their teachings and the unfortunate end to which the path humanity has taken is leading us.

This is, therefore, an exceptional occasion to enjoy the work of this artist from Vigo, who presents a selection of illustrations and ceramic pieces in which his most critical side is revealed, without detracting from the delicacy of the intimate and dreamlike atmosphere that surrounds his work.

The exhibition can be visited from 22 March to 26 April 2019 at La Electric Gallery, calle México 51 bajo (Vigo), during business hours.

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