Architecture nº1

About the project:

Architecture nº1 is a lost plate woodcut edition made by the artist himself at the Centro Internacional de la Estampa Contemporanea – Fundación CIEC (Betanzos, A Coruña). It is a 4-colour edition of 7 numbered and signed copies. This is the first of a series of woodcut editions with architectural compositions as the link between them.

Architecture nº1 is both a geometric exercise and a critique of urban speculation. A work in which the continuous rotation of the coordinate axes, together with two fictitious vanishing points, generates an intricate multidimensional labyrinth.

This striking composition, with a range of blues chosen to generate a play of light and shadow that enhances the forms of the structure, is a departure from Peri Helio’s traditional line of work. He leaves behind the aesthetics of drawing to approach a more pictorial finish, abandoning the line to give prominence to the planes of colour. A new way of working that adapts very well to the lost plate technique with which Peri has produced this edition.

There are copies of this artwork available at the shop of the web.


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