Birds From The Anthropocene

About the project:

Created in ink and watercolour on paper, Birds From The Anthropocene is an illustration by Peri Helio with a marked surrealist character and an important component of social criticism.

Human activity has caused innumerable changes in our environment. From major global changes, such as climate change or the invasion of microplastics, to small local changes such as the expansion of cities or the reduction of virgin natural spaces. In this situation, animal species have no choice but to adapt to these changes in their habitats, with the transformations that this entails both physically and behaviourally. Their habits change, and their bodies must change in the same way.

Birds From The Anthropocene takes up this idea and generates, from it, a scenario in which various birds that have undergone morphological changes related to human activity come together. Changes that give rise to new species adapted to a barren landscape. A landscape in which, despite the absence of human beings, the changes caused by them persist and which is dotted with parallel universes that suggest the existence of alternative realities.

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