Blue Hole

About the project:

IBUG is an art festival in Germany that takes place every year in a different abandoned industrial complex. The organisation minimally rehabilitates these spaces in order to develop the various activities and artistic interventions of the festival. The artists live there for a few days while they develop their works until, once they are finished, they are opened to the public for visits. A true reconversion of disused spaces.

Taking into account the particularities of the space to be intervened, the design chosen by Peri for this mural seeks to play with the columns of the wall to generate a geometric composition. The central vanishing point helps to enhance the depth of the spaces delimited by the columns, at the same time as it encourages the association of Blue Hole with black holes. An association that deepens the critique of the excessive urban speculation that engulfs everything, including itself, so present in Peri Helio’s work.

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