Entrail’s Explorer

About the project:

Entrail’s Explorer is an illustration charged with surrealism. In it, Peri transports us to a hypothetical scenario in which different universes are born simultaneously from a kind of primordial soup, in the middle of an infinite labyrinth that brings great depth to the comoposition. Masked beings roam the scene, in a frenzied search motivated by unbridled greed.

This is a work full of symbolism in which “creation” is treated from a point of view far removed from the traditional ones. The existence of parallel universes with a common origin and the representation of the gods as small beings in boxes distances us from the traditional view of the ordering of the world and the universe. At the same time, it invites us to expand our imagination and takes us to fictional worlds, far removed from our everyday reality, where we can let our imagination run wild.

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