The Meeting Of Time

About the project:

Theories about the origin of our universe are many and varied, although the Big Bang theory is, to date, the most accepted, and considers the moment of the Big Bang as the origin of time. In The Meeting Of Time Peri makes a free interpretation of this idea, in such a way that he postulates 3 different time lines or axes that start from the same origin. These axes are represented by 3 types of clocks: the hourglass, the sundial and the hourglass. In this way, these 3 time axes would give rise to 3 different realities that would coexist, without the interactions between them being limited by any physical law.

In the illustration The Meeting Of Time we look, therefore, to an alternative reality full of imaginary beings and improbable situations. A reality in which most of the physical laws would not work, and where surreal scenes occur with the everyday life of a scenario of these characteristics.

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