About the project:

This work, which symbolises the god Thoth of Ancient Egypt, is part of the series “Metamithological Beings”, a series of small sculptures in which the most representative characters of Peri Helio’s graphic work are represented. Among these characters we can find reinterpretations of different deities and mythological beings of ancestral peoples, as well as other beings created by the artist. Beings that arise from the observation of his environment and the usual social criticism implicit in much of his work.

Created for the 30th edition of Rakú Según Nigrán, which year after year is organised by the masters Emilia Guimeráns and Miguel Vázquez, this sculpture has been decorated using this ancestral Japanese technique (Rakú). A white enamel and a transparent enamel dyed with yellow pigment were used. During the process, both glazes were partially removed from some areas of the piece, leaving the original stoneware in the air in some areas which, on contact with the smoke, takes on those dark tones that give it a worn or aged appearance.

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