Genesis and Gnosis

About the project:

To tackle this work, carried out in Vigo in 2015 at the first edition of the festival Vigo, Cidade de Cor, Peri decided to propose a design broken down into two parts, Genesis and Gnosis, as if they were the pages of a notebook. These two parts work as independent murals that together give the whole meaning to the mural.

Genesis: Birth, creation, origin.

Inspired by the origin and expansion of the cosmos, this work deals with the creation of the multiverses starting from the original plasma in which matter and energy formed a whole, concentrated and enclosed, waiting for the ideal moment for its subsequent expansion. It is in this primordial state of the cosmos that a close relationship is established between the tangible whole and the abstract nothingness.

Based on the parallelism between microcosm and macrocosm, this mural is also presented as a metaphor for the process of formation of the inner universes that every being harbours. That universe that defines us and floods us, separating us from emptiness and non-existence. That universe that shapes our essence.

Gnosis: Understanding.

This work is based on a theory that explains the nature of everything that surrounds us, proposing the existence of the multiverse which, like fractals, would make up our cosmos, and which are represented through these constructions that, floating among the stars, enclose new multiverses. Also present here are the connections between these multiverses, represented by means of bridges or paths that connect the constructions and draw impossible architectures. These impossible architectures also symbolise a fourth spatial dimension, which would make these connections between three-dimensional universes possible.

Once again, with the parallelism between the macrocosm and the microcosm as a basis, a metaphor is established that alludes to those inner universes that we all harbour, that intertwine, that coexist in parallel, immersed in a cosmos that surrounds us, envelops us, and in a certain way conditions us.

Beings with masks walk through these multiverses. Hungry for knowledge, they observe everything around them and in their search they try to find beyond the tangible that ancestral knowledge that helps them to understand.


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