Paradigm Of The Human Thoughtlessness

About the project:

For the 10th edition of Desvelarte, the festival organisers proposed working on the idea of the increasingly problematic relationship that human beings have with the natural environment. Taking this idea as a starting point, and taking into account the particularities of the space to be intervened, Paradigm Of The Human Thoughtlessness was conceived as three independent images that together form a single mural element.

Although aesthetically the work has a markedly dreamlike character, inviting the spectator to let their imagination run wild and enter a universe parallel to their everyday reality, on a conceptual level the three images contain a significant social critique: of excessive urban speculation and the quagmire to which it leads us, of the modification suffered by animal species due to human activity and, in the third image, of the desertification of the planet and the consequent loss of biodiversity.

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