About the project:

The objective of this mural, Postindustry, was to propose to the students of CEIP Sal Lence a model of sustainable industry, with clean and environmentally sound industrial processes.

To transfer this idea to children between 3 and 12 years old, Peri considers necessary to establish, first of all, a visually attractive scene for them. In this sense, in Postindustry I have tried to generate a fantastic atmosphere with futuristic touches, which transports the child/viewer to a world that is yet to come and to be discovered. On a visual level, the colors chosen and the strange shapes of the buildings generate a striking scene while helping to convey the idea of integration between nature and industry.

In this way, Postindustry proposes a new form of industrial complex focused on generating a true symbiosis between nature and industry. In it, the buildings that house the industrial processes would be designed to support the expansion of the surrounding forest. A forest capable of processing and assimilating the waste from these industrial processes, as well as CO2 emissions and other gases, through its own biological processes. Likewise, a series of surreal birds and animals, transformed into antennas, also appear throughout the composition in a kind of metaphor about the universality of Internet access.

In addition, with the intention of further enhancing the idea of connection between industry and nature, the same colors have been used both in the buildings, with futuristic shapes, and in the surreal animals that swarm through the composition, generating a visual connection that helps to enhance the idea of symbiosis between industry and nature.

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