The Path Of Knowledge

About the project:

Since ancient times, labyrinths have had an important symbolism in two ways. The single path labyrinth, symbolising the “straight” path, the path of purity, of perfection, of knowledge; and the labyrinth of multiple paths, symbol of becoming, of unwritten destiny… symbol, in the end, of the path of life. In this context, The Path Of Knowledge, performed in Caldas de Reis in the 24th edition of the Kaldarte festival, shows us a labyrinth in which both ideas are combined. On the one hand, a unicursal labyrinth formed by concentric circular walls and on the other, a multicursal labyrinth whose different paths run along the walls of the previous one.

In this way, this mural is presented to us as a metaphor that alludes to knowledge as the central axis of life. A holistic knowledge, insofar as it brings us closer to the knowledge of what surrounds us, as well as of ourselves and the way we relate to the planet we inhabit. A knowledge that currently seems to be forgotten, undervalued, and which is claimed here as an essential element for our future, both as individuals and as a society.


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