Birds In The Head


Two-color silkscreen on 370grs Canson Basik paper.
Numbered and signed edition of 30 copies.
21 x 30 cm.

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Birds In The Head is a completely self-published silkscreen edition. The artist has been responsible for the entire editing process, from the creation of the original design to the printing of each of the copies that make up the edition, carried out in his own workshop in Vigo. Of course, it is a limited edition and all copies are numbered and signed.

In this work, Peri criticises today’s society, which, preoccupied with banal matters, is indifferent to the progressive deterioration of its environment. The continuous destruction of ecosystems and the consequent extinction of animal species or the current loss of rights and freedoms are, for many, minor issues that do not deserve their attention. Nothing comparable, no doubt, to the importance of that which is established as paramount by the different spheres of power that shape today’s society.

The criticism of this kind of attitude is clear in Birds In The Head: an open door shows us the inside of a completely empty head, except for a bird, which once it flies out will reveal the complete absence of any ideas of its own. Likewise, the seated, stooped pose of the protagonist in this scene represents the social immobility that prevails today and which helps to perpetuate the current model of society.

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