Three-color silkscreen on 370grs Canson Basik paper.
Numbered and signed edition of 50 copies.
35 x 50 cm.

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Pulsions is a silkscreen edition made from an illustration created in collaboration between Parsec! and Peri Helio, and printed by Peri Helio himself in his personal workshop (Vigo, Pontevedra). It is a 3-colour edition of 50 numbered copies signed by both artists.

Pulsion is a term used in psychoanalysis to designate that type of psychic impulse characteristic of the human species that has its source in an internal excitation (a state of tension perceived as bodily) and that is directed towards a single precise end: to suppress or calm that state of tension.

Taking this idea as a starting point, Pulsions is an illustration created from the internal tensions of these two artists. In this way they resolve their longing to collaborate on a work together in which to pour out their impulses and inner tensions, giving rise to a composition of a markedly surrealist and symbolist character that fits in perfectly with the personal styles of both artists.

It is also interesting to highlight the connection between Parsec! and Peri Helio on an aesthetic and conceptual level, which is evident in this joint work. A work in which the contributions of both artists combine to generate a whole in which it is difficult to distinguish the contributions of each one of them, by virtue of a clearly outstanding final result.


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