Industrial Landscape nº1


Six-color silkscreen on 370grs Canson Basik paper.
Numbered and signed edition of 47 copies.
35 x 50 cm.

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Industrial Landscape nº1 is a silkscreen edition made by the artist himself in his personal workshop (Vigo, Pontevedra). It is a 6-colour edition of 47 numbered and signed copies. This is the first of a series of silkscreen editions with the idea of the industrial landscape as the link between them.

Faced with an extremely industrialised and consumerist society like ours, with this work Peri seeks to place the viewer in front of the landscape that we as a society are creating. To provoke reflection in the spectator through the observation of these imaginary landscapes in which the absence of natural elements is total. To generate awareness of the consequences of frenetic industrial activity such as the current one.

Industrial Landscape nº1 is, therefore, a critique of today’s society, the current industrial model, and a call to care for and respect nature and the environment that surrounds us.

Moreover, the concept of the labyrinth, so present in Peri Helio’s work, reappears again in this work. A labyrinth that serves as a metaphor for the complex situation in which we find ourselves as a species.

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