One-color silkscreen on 370grs Canson Basik paper.
Numbered and signed edition of 40 copies.
25 x 35 cm.

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Mushrooms is a completely self-published silkscreen edition. The artist has been responsible for the entire editing process, from the creation of the original design to the printing of each of the copies that make up the edition, carried out in his own workshop in Vigo. Of course, it is a limited edition and all the copies are numbered and signed.

In this silkscreen Peri presents us with a scene with a markedly dreamlike and surreal aspect, in which mushrooms play a leading role. Different species of these fungi intertwine and coexist in the midst of a primordial broth (or cosmos), on which various characters, habitual in the work of this artist from Vigo, are distributed.

On a conceptual level, Peri seeks to evoke autumn, focusing on the most fascinating elements that mainly appear at that time of year, the Mushrooms, and the diverse ecosystem that forms around them.

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